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Dr. Leigh Ann Grasso, RPh

I didn’t realize what my business was missing until Ron proposed to me the way a business should be. I did a lot of work at home because I didn’t have time at work. I was working way too hard IN my business.

Ron shows me the value of everything that I learn from him and how it will make me a better business owner, not a better worker. He shows me how to implement changes to improve my operations. His coaching services cover a broad range of topics like marketing strategies, human resources, managing employees efficiently, implementing systems, to how to schedule free time for me and my family.

 3WIN Coaching services utilize various modes of learning and implementing for different types of business owners. This company is a professional, goal-oriented business. The success of 3WIN is a great example of how to run a successful company. This translates into successful clients.

The many years of personal business experience Ron has makes him an invaluable resource for growing my company. He has turned a technical health professional into a creative business strategist through his personalized coaching sessions and ongoing support.

Dr. Leigh Ann Grasso – Owner Annie’s Apothecary

Dr. Richard Drake, DDS

My business was doing well, and it was growing, but I wanted more, so I hired Ron Brockwell as my business coach/advisor two years ago, in 2017. 

Here’s the BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): our growth went from 10% per year to 35% per year.   Systems, protocols, job descriptions, employee expectations, bonus systems, hiring practices, growth strategies, overhead control, marketing emphasis and decisions, reviewing P & L’s, Balance Sheets…….

the list goes on.  

I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

My business is helping patients, and since my business is booming because of Ron, I am now helping more people.  All good stuff.

Thanks, Ron!

Dr. Richard B. Drake, DDS, Diplomate American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, Owner and CEO of Dr. Drake’s Sleep Solutions