Why hire a Business Coach


Why Hire a Business Coach? 

A business coach is a professional who analyzes businesses, creates solutions to problems, and helps businesses develop efficient plans for meeting their goals. As a business owner, you know your business better than anyone. But what happens when you need help or just want perspective on the direction you’ve chosen? Others can give general advice from the outside looking in, but to truly help you, they have to get to know your business very well–almost as well as you know it. That’s what a 3WIN Business Coaching coach does. They get to know a business and then help the business owner meet their goals.

Learning the Business 

A major part of a business coach’s job is learning their client’s business. When you hire a business coach, they will take time to learn as much as they can from you as well as other key players in your business. They will want to know the details of your business’ mission as well as what operating it entails. They can provide you with effective help once they have an in-depth understanding of your business. 

Identifying Problems and Opportunities 

A business coach will also spend time identifying your company’s weaknesses and strengths as well as problems that have to be solved to help ensure your success. They will also assess opportunities that exist for you to grow your business, boost profits, and increase efficiency. Part of this identification process will be done with your help. After all, who better to point out some of a business’ problems and opportunities than its owner? When you hire a business coach, however, you are expecting a fresh pair of eyes that have the experience and expertise to point out what you don’t already know. A good business coach will also identify strengths, weaknesses, problems, and opportunities that may not seem so obvious.   

Business Analysis 

The result of a business coach’s information gathering is not merely a report of what’s going wrong with your business or opportunities you may have overlooked. Instead, a good coach will spend time analyzing your business. The point of their analysis is to provide you with solutions to problems, solutions for improving weak areas, and concrete plans for capitalizing on opportunities to meet your goals. 

A Concrete Plan 

Maybe you feel a little unsure about how much you will like a business coach’s plan. But the good news is it’s not a take-it-or-leave-it proposition. 3WIN Business Coaching will listen to your feedback and go back to the drawing board to revise the plan as necessary. Once the plan meets with your approval, together we will then go forward to help with the implementation of the plan, monitoring it and adjusting it as necessary for meeting your goals. Hiring a business coach to help you with your business does require you to spend money. But for many, these dollars are some of the best spent. Instead of throwing money into all the wrong activities, 3WIN Business Coaching can help you maximize your potential in less time.  


Ron   Brockwell 

Business Strategist & Certified Business Coach 

3WIN Business Coaching 85 N.E. 410, Suite 219 

San Antonio, Tx 78216

Cell: 210-289-7231 

Email:   ron@3winbusinesscoaching.com 

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About Us

Meet the Coach


Ron Brockwell 

Your Value Added Business Coach      

Ron has been a business coach for over 20 years.  He has mentored and coached executives and front- line managers for many large corporations such as 7-Eleven and Army, Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES). The 7-Eleven business strategy was to organize their business into three distinct business areas; 7-Eleven Convenient stores are the retail side of the business, commissary partners that produce fresh products for their stores and a distribution link to bring the products to market. Ron was part of the team which opened the first distribution center within the US in April of 1995. 7-Eleven has since rolled-out this business model throughout the US and in many countries throughout the world. AAFES’ mission is to provide our soldiers with the same quality and variety of food products at any base throughout the world; including desert countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Ron believes this to   be a very noble mission. Ron has also coached and worked with a wide range of Independent Business Owners; from start-up companies to those seeking an exit strategy. He has helped them to improve their businesses and their personal lives; while creating new jobs to help build and strengthen our economy.  Areas of expertise includes Business Partnerships, Acquisitions, Client Relations, Business Development, Channel Development, Competitive Analysis, Sales Cycle Management, Six Sigma, Project Management, Workflow Optimization, Process Improvements, Management Development, Policy Development, Team Building, Training/Coaching/Mentoring, Crisis Management, Marketing and Lean Manufacturing.  Education / Professional Development University of Minnesota, Carlson Business School Executive MBA Program Strategic Planning  Six Sigma / Lean Management Certified and Production / Operations Management Certified 3WIN Business Coaching has the best system processes in the World to help business owners grow a commercially profitable enterprise that can one-day be sold as avaluable asset. Ron is able to offer Coaching / Consulting, Training, Recruitment and Development Programs that are truly World Class. Business owners that are currently being coached each week say that having a Coach is the single most positive investment they have made in their business and in themselves.  Top performers in all walks of life, whether in the Political sector, Business or in Professional Sports, have a Coach. Now you can too! When you are sure you are ready to embark upon a journey to massively improve your business, your income and your lifestyle – achieving the ambitions and dreams you went into business for in the first place, call Ron now to arrange a complimentary business diagnostic / health check and together we will explore the possibilities for you and your business. As a client, you will find that Ron is a value added business coach and deeply committed to his client’s success. 

Success in business requires personal development, discipline and hard work. If you are willing to do Ron   Brockwell 

Business Strategist these things, the opportunities are greater today than ever in the past.                           

Ron   Brockwell 

Business Strategist & Certified Business Coach 

3WIN Business Coaching 85 N.E. 410, Suite 219 

San Antonio, Tx 78216

Cell: 210-289-7231 

Email:   ron@3winbusinesscoaching.com 

Website: www.3winbusinesscoaching.com 

Available Programs


There are 4 Programs for you to choose from:   

1.  Improvement – “Grow Your Business”  This program suits those business owners who really are committed to move their business ahead. The type of business that most benefits from this program, is a business owner that will implement the strategies and systems necessary to improve and grow their business.    

“This program consists of four 1 hour sessions per month.”


2.  Empowerment – “Empower Your Business”  This program is designed for those businesses that are determined to achieve significant growth in the next 12 months. Your business is probably already going well but you may typically need to rapidly expand your customer base, introduce a new product or open another outlet. You have some really good staff members in place but your business is struggling to reach its full potential. You are probably working way too many hours a week and the business would not be able to survive without your constant input.   

 “This program consists of four 2 hour sessions per month.”  Also, an alignment consultation for business owners/life partner is included each calendar year.

3.  Investor/Entrepreneur - “Making a Real Difference Program” Your ‘Making a Real Difference’ program is for those people who really want to rapidly grow their business and achieve significant goals for the year. Your business is probably already experiencing steady growth. You have some really solid strategies/systems in place and you and your Team might eventually make it happen anyway. You just know that working with me, as your Business Advisor/Strategist would make a real difference to your lifestyle, the value and the position of your business in the marketplace. (This may be a prelude to your exit strategy!)   This program is not for the non-committed; it is for those business owners who are really willing to make a difference and are not afraid of taking on challenges. With the ‘Making a Real Difference’ program, your personal and your business goals are combined. You understand that introducing systems and performance standards are the key to achieving what you want from your business in the future. Yes, we work on all areas of your business, but as your Advisor/Strategist, there is more demand to really perform and not let you get away with all those old habits that have been holding you and your business back. 

You must be committed to change.    

“This program consists of four 2 hour sessions per month for companies with 25 or more employees…” This program includes an annual alignment consultation for business owners/life partners. Also, a team alignment day per year and team training session once per quarter are included.

4.  Consultation by the hour Program     

Our Vision, Mission and Culture


Our Vision Statement… 

"Recognized as a “World Class" Business Coaching Organization”


Our Mission Statement …

3WIN Business Coaching will educate, train, consult, advise and coach our clients on the skills required to become HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS.

We select our clients based on their willingness to make the changes required to become HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS.

3WIN Business Coaching believes people are the key to any successful organization. We educate and advise our clients that Systems run the business and Team Members run the Systems. We coach our clients on how to develop strategies that can be executed at a high level to create “WORLD CLASS” customer service.


Our Culture Statement... 

Respect for people: We respect each other; We trust each other; We believe in honesty and expect the same in return; We will prepare ourselves for the changes required to grow. 

Client/Customer Driven: We will provide coaching products, strategies and value added services that exceed our clients’ expectations.    

Note: We cannot be everything to everyone.

Managing With the Facts: We professionally manage our business and coach our clients using the  Continuous Improvement Process (CIP).    
“Do I add VALUE?”

Balanced Continuous Improvement: We will continuously improve any process that increases value to our clients/customers, creates an environment where we can realize our individual goals, and generates an acceptable return on our investment.    

Ron   Brockwell 

Business Strategist & Certified Business Coach 

3WIN Business Coaching 85 N.E. 410, Suite 219 

San Antonio, Tx 78216

Cell: 210-289-7231 

Email:   ron@3winbusinesscoaching.com 

Website: www.3winbusinesscoaching.com  

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